Your Guide to Intentional Fall Fashion - Episode 88


Welcome to the first of a series we are calling Simply a Happy Wardrobe. In this series we are going to give you some amazing information on how to curate a closet, give you all the details of a capsule wardrobe, explain how to tackle your closet, how to figure out your fashion style and the ins and outs of a minimalist wardrobe. When you dress better, you feel better. It’s a fact. When you put yourself together, you accomplish more. When you shower and get dressed in a cute outfit you are showing yourself the care you deserve. That’s why we’ve put together this series. We want you to look in your closet and without a doubt feel like you’ve go it going on in the most effortless kind of way. We want you to feel empowered to end the closet agony once and for all. Today’s episode is a simple and perfect way to kick off the series. 


    We know as a Mom, you have very limited free time. The little free time you DO have is so precious. As a result, your closet is the last thing that gets attention. Or maybe it doesn’t get any attention at all, unless you are scurrying past a clothing rack and see 70% off. Then you buy everything and never wear any of it because you really didn’t love it in the first place. But, how can you pass up a shirt that’s only $3.48?   If you are anything like me, I’m guessing you love a cute outfit.  You love the feeling of a pair of pants that fit like a glove. You love when you pick just the right shirt and get compliments every time you wear it! 

When you go to think about what you’re going to be wearing as we transition to fall it’s overwhelming so you end up just not buying anything new because you don’t have the time to pick stuff out!  Don’t worry Catch This Mama to the rescue!  We have made a fall fashion guide that is BUDGET FRIENDLY. We are talking everything is from Target and Amazon!  Plus we’ve got some practical and cuuuute item for all the Mamas.