When You Want A Strong Family - Episode 65


Intro: We go so fast. We wake up and rush to get ourselves and our kids ready whether it is for work, school, daycare. Whatever it is, It’s in a rush. We zip to and fro and make decisions all the time that effect us and our well being. Sometimes don’t realize a bad decision until after we make it. If you are feeling stuck, are currently facing a big decision, are worried about the future of your kids, are wondering if you should work or stay home or lean in and take a promotion or go on this vacation or be friends with a certain person or bring a new baby into the picture, there are a few things you can have in place to help bring long term success and happiness. There are things you can have in place to make sure that life goes a bit more smoothly. Now you are still going to make decisions and realize after the fact that it isn’t whats best for the family, but, if you know the following three things, you will have WAY more confidence in decision making and will know how to create and stable family. So, that when troubles come a knocking because no one is invincible to this, you will have a few things in place to bring comfort, peace and alliance with one another. You will have the tools to have crucial conversations and know how to get back on track and back to the right path within your family. And the best part is, by establishing these three things, you’ll be able to pass these skills and rituals and feelings onto your children. Who, we hope will find just as much value in them. These things include, crafting a family mission statement, setting proper expectations, and understanding what’s important for YOUR families development growth and bond.