Things You Don't Know About Fall But Should - Episode 36


Did you know that Autumn/Fall rates higher than any other season as being the favorite? From pumpkin everything to cozy sweaters to leaves on the trees to football tailgating, it is no wonder we love this season. It’s the beginning of welcoming a string of holidays that bring families and friends together. When we think of fall we instantly feel embraced by the warmth and coziness that accompanies the season. Today we are going to be giving you some statistics and information and fall favorites that you may not have known or thought about before. This episode will give you some practical ideas of goodness to add to your fall repertoire.  

In this episode we dive into...

Fun Facts About Fall

  • Why do leaves change color?
  • Sex drive is highest in fall
  • There is a scientific reason people gain weight in the fall
  • You shed more often
  • Americans typically refer to this time of year as “fall,” while the British use the word “autumn.”
  • First thanksgiving
  • Butterflies


Fun Activities To Bring The Family Together

  • Tree bark rubbing-Put white paper around a tree and use crayons to color on the paper so it has a bark texture
  • Painting with acorns: You use a shoe box and tape white paper to the bottom. Then you throw in acorns that have been dipped in paint and shake shake shake the box so the acorns roll around and paint on the paper
  • Leaf painting-Collect a bunch of leaves. Put leaves on paper and use a sponge to dip in paint and then dap on the leaf so the paint is around the leaf when you lift it up. 
  • After carving pumpkins if your child does not like the feeling of the pumpkin innards on their hands you can put in a gallon plastic bag and they can then play with it like that. Also mess free if you’re worried about that 
  • You can make edible pumpkin spice play-doh. Not kidding I almost want to eat it, because it’s pumpkin.
  • Homemade Pine Cone Bird Feeders - My kids are obsessed with birds and pine cones. So, this one is so easy. You take a pine cone and tie some twine around the top of the pine cone. Then, you can let your kids spread some peanut butter ( a little goes a long way) around the pine cone and then roll it in bird food. You can then hang it anywhere where your kids could see it. 

Fun Kids Books

Room On The Broom

Duck and Goose Find a Pumpkin by Tad Hills

The Hallow-Weiner


Fun Decor

Fun Food

Fun Clothes


Candy corn has always been my favorite vegetable 

Autumn shows how beautiful change can be

Life starts all over again when it get’s crisp in the fall. F. Scott Fitzgerald

My summer bikini weather wasn’t ready but my autumn sweater body is on point!