The Support You Deserve From Two Lactation Consultants - Episode 66


Mamas, today I’m talking with two very sweet people. Today I’m chatting with Rebecca and Kaitlyn, two very talented nurses and Lactation Consultants. Rebecca and Kaitlyn have a practice here in the midwest called Nourish Lactation Services. What they do is provide quality, compassionate, evidence-based lactation support to families. Their mission is to provide families with support through all stages of lactation, from the prenatal period to weaning your little one and all challenges in between. Today we are doing a 4 person chat! Emily is also here today. Between the two of us, we are going to ask as many questions as we can and hopefully you will leave here feeling equipped to rock your breastfeeding journey. Look I’ve read all the what to expect when you are expecting and through age one but I will say it was horribly lacking when it came to information on breastfeeding. 

In this episode we asked these ladies...

  1. What services you offer to moms
  2. the biggest challenges you see moms face
  3. how to make it through the hard times of breastfeeding
  4. the benefits of breastfeeding
  5. what are some good vitamins to be on when nursing
  6. how to avoid mastitis 
  7. what kinds of foods actually cause fussy babies
  8. what age do they recommend  to get on a bottle 
  9. how about alcohol what’s actually safe
  10. how to wean and best practices
  11. Any other information you want to get out there


To find out more about these ladies check them out on their website!