Stop Peeing Your Pants and More! with Doctor Libby Trausch and Molly Lechtenberg - Episode 13

Welcome to show! Today we have two Docs in the house. Typically, we feature one warrior Mama and the obstacles they’ve overcome to reach their version of success,  but today we are featuring a duo that has set out to transform physical therapy for women. When I read about these two Mamas, I just knew we had to bring them on CTM. Today we are going to dive into topics that affect us during pregnancy and post partum. You are in the right place if you’ve ever done a jumping jack and felt a little trickle of pee come out. You know what I’m talking about ladies! Mama,  you are in the right place if you just can’t get rid of the the little tummy pooch that follows having children. You are in the right place if you want to hear some tips on how to get rid of the back pain that comes with pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding. All of this and more we tackle today. I’m talking to to Molly Lechtenberg and Libby Trausch of Breathe, Physical Therapy and Wellness. Let me give you a little background on each of the gals…  Both of them graduated with their doctorate in PT and while Molly had a goal of opening her own business, Libby never really thought of it. After a lot of personal and professional experience these women got together and Breathe was created. We will dig into more of this story in the podcast but Mollie really enjoys working with even the most complicated cases,you know… those with a lot of problems they feel are working against them and then yield results that help them find relief from pain and empower them to have a program at home to continue to have success. Libby focuses quality manual therapy(which I am anxious to see what that exactly means and yoga). Through her practices she has helped people with the most complicated medical histories see a way forward, find relief and even more importantly, rediscover hope. Not only are these women rockstar Doctors, they are also Mamas just like you and me! Sometimes people think docs are boring or too scientific to relate to on a podcast but let me tell you, these smart ladies are anything but.


In this episode we dive into...

  • Diastasis Recti Abdominis (DRA)
  • How To Eliminate Urinary Incontinence
  • Banish Back Pain
  • Strengthen Pelvic Floor Muscles
  • Medical Therapeutic Yoga
  • Dry Needling
  • And MORE!


You can learn more about Libby and Molly here