The Darkest Hour Right Before The Sunrise with Becky Gardner - Episode 24

Becky Gardner is the epitome of a warrior mama. She has survived a long list of adversities and we dive into them all in this episode. She is a home schooling Mama to 4 children and just like he last name is a big time gardner. Their entire back yard is a garden. Grab your cup of coffee and tune in because she is just what you need this week. Some of the items we dive into in this episode include...

  • What having cancer as a child was like
  • How this impacted her getting pregnant and having kids when she thought she'd never be able to
  • What homeschooling is like
  • How to keep low tech kids
  • What drove her to have a massive garden
  • and so much more...

Notable quote:

"The Darkest Hour Is Always Right Before The Sunrise"

Finding Peace When Life Doesn't Make Sense with Jen Hatzung - Episode 20

Today’s guest isJen Hatzung creator of The Mom Life Podcast. Jen is a Mama to a beautiful little girl named Eleanor and wife to a man she calls a “cute sailor”. Jen has a lot going on in her world. She sells beauty products, specifically lipstick, does the podcast in her free time, and is a full time Mother. She also is admittedly a full time coffee and wine drinker. Her pictures and stories on social media are too cute and make her life look just about perfect! But, don’t let that fool you because this Mama has been through some tough stuff. Today we are going to dive into her challenges with infertility and the long journey of overcoming that adversity. We will also chat with chat with her about the purpose behind the Mom Life Podcast, and what she hopes to accomplish with this season of her life.


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