The Darkest Hour Right Before The Sunrise with Becky Gardner - Episode 24

Becky Gardner is the epitome of a warrior mama. She has survived a long list of adversities and we dive into them all in this episode. She is a home schooling Mama to 4 children and just like he last name is a big time gardner. Their entire back yard is a garden. Grab your cup of coffee and tune in because she is just what you need this week. Some of the items we dive into in this episode include...

  • What having cancer as a child was like
  • How this impacted her getting pregnant and having kids when she thought she'd never be able to
  • What homeschooling is like
  • How to keep low tech kids
  • What drove her to have a massive garden
  • and so much more...

Notable quote:

"The Darkest Hour Is Always Right Before The Sunrise"