(Part 1) Success Is Found In Being Faithful To The Small Things with Brooke Sailer - Episode 64


My guest today is Brooke Sailer. Brooke is a thinker, writer, artist, teacher, singer, gift-giver, and also a diaper changer, shoelace-tier and lunch packer. She married a handsome bachelor after dating for only one month and ten days!  She recently published this little book called “I’m Failing At This Thing Called Home” - It’s a book about her thoughts on changing the narrative embracing possibilities and re-making the home. Every page you turn in her book is filled with words of encouragement amidst the chaos and messy moments of life. It was a natural fit for us here at Catch This Mama because Brooke is encouraging us to take ownership of our mom life. More specifically, she is showing us how we can change the way we drudge through our day to day lives. Brooke asks the question “feeling like a failure amidst chaos and mess? and then gives the straightforward and so very true answer of… You’re not.”  Today I want to talk to Brooke about how she overcame her own obstacles and adversities and what she is doing to show you how you can get off the struggle bus too.

In this episode I chat with Brooke about the following...

Your book was just lovely. Easy to read. Empowering. It is like you have it is all together and it is wonderful to see you’ve decided to teach what you’ve figured out. But, you weren’t always on this side of the fence. Tell me where you were prior to writing this book. 

What do you want to accomplish with this book? 

A pivotal part for me was in the beginning of the book when you talked about distractions. I SO resonate with this. You say “Our distractions are defining us, and I’m finally saying enough” AMEN! Tell me what you mean by all of this…

I recently heard a quote that was something along the lines of “When you see something wrong in the world, you can either do nothing or something and I’ve already tried nothing.” It reminded me of your “it’s all in your head chapter” - Talk to me about what a fixed mindset and growth mindset is and how we can apply this in our personal lives today.

How do you combat the idea of immediate gratification and switch to the idea that it is a journey and not a destination. What I mean by this is… you have this person who is ready to start. They start on the journey to reach their desired GOAL or mission.. except they set unrealistic expectations and because they don’t hit it right away, they stop and give up. 

You talk extensively about changing the narrative. This is an especially great thought. How can we change the narrative and what do you mean by this?

First talk to us about what a capsule wardrobe is and why we should have it.

In one particular chapter you talk about giving your home a make-over or as you describe it “re-make your home”  Can you give Mamas a few tips on how to figure out what is important (valuable), how to make a plan, and what kinds of plans are worthy of making?

What else do you have up your sleeve in the future when it comes to your business?