Put 'em to work! Age Appropriate Chores - Episode 42


So, kids do stuff all day long without hesitation they wake up, maybe go to the bathroom, maybe then eat breakfast, watch a cartoon or get dressed, perhaps play with some toys. But, it seems like when we ask out kiddos to pitch in around the house it’s as if we asked them to carry the world on their little shoulders. So, what gives? If you are wondering the benefits and reason behind assigning chores, this episode is for you.  If you are a newish mama and wondering what kind of chores are age appropriate, this episode is for you. If you are wondering ways in which you can get your kid to pitch in, this episode is for you. 

Why chores are important: 

  •     Helps kids learn responsibilities 
  •     Make them feel needed and helpful
  •     Sharing chores gives Mom help!
  •     Instills confidence in your children - showing them they are capable of doing more than they thought



  •     Don’t insist on perfection
  •     Give a lot of praise!
  •     Be consistent
  •     Make a chore chart

TODDLER Ages 2-3:

  •     Put away toys and books
  •     Put clothes in hamper
  •     Put clothes away in dresser
  •             Take plate to sink
  •     Put dirty clothes in laundry basket
  •     Wipe off table or counter
  •     Personal hygiene like brushing teeth, hair
  •     Pick outfit or one article of clothing like undies



  •     Set table
  •     Match socks
  •     Put away groceries
  •     Pull weeds/Water plants
  •     Feed pets
  •     Make bed
  •     Pack a few part of their lunch for school or make a snack
  •     Help with pets like a walk, or out to the bathroom or something along those lines



  •     Put away dishes
  •     Sort laundry
  •     Fold Clothes
  •     Simple snack /meal prep
  •     Get Mail
  •     Rake leaves
  •      Learn the value of money


  •     Take out trash
  •     Sweep    
  •     Vacuum 
  •     Clean toilets
  •     Mop floors
  •     Manage allowance


  •     Mow lawn/ Find other jobs for spending money
  •     Babysit siblings 
  •     Laundry
  •     Make full meals 
  •     Wash cars
  •     Budgeting 

So how can we get them to do chores?

  • Teamwork - when a child knows you are on their side and that you are in it together, they’ll help out a lot more
  • Make it fun - sing songs, make up your own version of the clean up song
  • Make it a game  or competition - 
  • Offer a conclusion or event instead of rewards - Studies show rewards may kick start a program but then kids expect to get more and more each time they do something - If I go potty I get candy. and then if they go potty they will want two pieces of candy. Etc. So boundaries either need to be clear and consistent or every child will turn into an evil little dictator (only kidding) OR instead try.. When we get our chore done we can go to the park as a family. OR my children live for a little tv time - so we came home from church and I immediately noticed the house was totally messed up. So as soon as we got in the door I said when we get this house clean, we can eat lunch together and watch a cartoon before quiet time. 


 “In every job that must be done there is an element of fun.” -Mary Poppins

“Motivation is what gets you started, Habit is what keeps you going.”