How To Be A Simply Clean Mama - Episode 46


If you’ve tuned into any of the podcasts you know that I love a clean house. I do not feel my best if my house is cluttered or messy. But yet, I sit, frustrated in a chaotic mess each day with three tiny children running around. So, I jumped at the opportunity to bring on this well known Mama. Most people know her by the name, Clean Mama but her real name is Becky. Her blog, cleaning routines, and daily tasks lists have gained national attention because she lightens our cleaning load by simplifying the process. In each blog post she aims to be helpful, teach something, and enrich your homekeeping. She has a laundry list of places and companies in which she has been spotted, featured and even sponsored by. Her work looks amazing and it is no wonder that she has close to a million page views per month on her website and over 110,000 email subscribers. I just keep thinking, teach me your ways Clean Mama!  Today we are going to going to chat with her about how she got started, what the biggest challenges are for Mamas, how to simplify our routines, and ultimately own your mom life when it comes to homekeeping. 

In this episode we dive into:

Her big blogging break

Some of the most asked questions or challenges when it comes to keeping a tidy and clean home?

How she helps Mamas overcome this challenge

Resources she has for you

How take the first step in creating and maintaining a good clean home

What she stands for as a Mama

Her biggest challenge when it comes to motherhood

Notable Quote: 

Be fearless in the pursuit that sets your soul on fire


You can find out more about Becky and get her cleaning routines HERE