Simply a Happy Home: Figure Out Your Home Style - Episode 83


How many times have you tried to put your house together but have no clue how to do it? How many times have you bought a few decor items and wall art you liked and hammered some nails in the wall just to fill up the blank space only to be unhappy and confused and feeling like whatever, its fine. I don’t really know what I’m doing but I like that picture and I saw Joanna Gaines put it up so it has to be alright. What if I told you that you have a home style. You do! There are a few different types of home styles we are going to discuss today. We are going to talk about what the book says makes up this home style and I bet ya, just by discussing these different styles you will be saying ohhhh yeaahhh!! I gravitate toward that look. OR, oh no, that is definitely not my style. 

You might be asking how this is important to Catch This Mama. How is this going to help me own my mom life? Well, it is simple. We are so busy pursuing life. We are so busy and time is so precious that we are often left with little time to create and maintain and curate and cultivate a place where we feel proud to call home. Your home should be your sanctuary. It should be your jam. It should be the cherry on top at the end of your busy day. This is why we are doing an entire series we are calling Simply A Happy Home. We want you to rid yourself of the clutter that leaves you feeling exhausted and stressed. Once you’ve done that, you make room to create a space you feel so happy to be in.  So, let’s dig into what some of the styles are and how we can create that space within out own homes. 

 We are in no way experts just appreciate home decor and wanted to share what he have learned. So we just touched on some of the styles but there are a TON out there. We are going to touch on Modern with sub categories industrial and mid century, Traditional, Farmhouse subcategories shabby chic, country, and English country, scandinavian, bohemian/moroccan,  coastal/nautical, and eclectic.





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