Chaos Comes From Decision Fatigue - Episode 63


Today’s episode is all about decision making. I began wondering why we are all so overworked, overtired and overwhelmed in our day to day grind. What I’ve found is it comes down to the pure amount of decisions we make in a day and how many obligations we try to squeeze  in a day. Small or large these are decisions we make that contribute to the end result of feeling like you have nothing left to give at the end of the day. They come as a result of making too many new decisions and having too many options. I asked Emily to do an impromptu assignment today and just simply write down the decisions she’s had to make on a single days time. This doesn’t include decisions she’d have to make if it weren’t a weekend where she had extra help with her husband being home. After we break this down I’m going to give you three ways we can streamline motherhood so we aren’t left as feeling so OVERWHELMED in the day to day grind. So that when 7pm comes we aren’t tossing in our ear plugs and running as fast as we can to scrape a wine bottle from the cabinet. Okay… we might still want the wine at the end of the day but, maybe it’ll at least move us from the feeling of over I’m just SO over it….  to I feel so accomplished today!