Behavioral Epigenetics, Mystical Motherhood and More with Chelsea Wiley - Episode 73


Chelsea Wiley is a Masters prepared nurse and Family Nurse Practitioner who has also studied Eastern practices and holistic medicine. She is a mother of 2 girls. While working as a Labor and Delivery Nurse and studying within Family Practice she recognized that there was a lot missing when it came to preparing women for motherhood. Most of her patients took only a birthing class and were sent home with little to no resources of how to take care of themselves or their baby. Chelsea was determined to find a better way and wrote the book Mystical Motherhood to guide women through fertility, conscious conception, safety in birth, a mindful pregnancy, a healing postpartum period, and steps to create a brilliant child. She now works with women around the world  taking them through this process and watching them create happy and conscious families. I am pumped today to learn from Chelsea and really get into her theories on diet and toxins as it relates to conscious conception. How to maintain a healthy lifestyle into pregnancy and beyond and then something that is different than the typical approach is how to connect to your baby in the womb and enhance yourself using ancient yogic science!

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