2018 Is The Year To Be A Goal Digger - Episode 54


Happy 2018! By now you are starting to pursue your goals for new year. There is something so warm and welcoming about a new year. It’s so refreshing to be able to look at all you’ve achieved so far and at the same time make moves towards all you want to be in the future. In this episode we are going to talk to you about our favorite memories and goals accomplished in 2017 and then we will chat about our personal and professional goals for 2018. You’ll notice that a lot of our goals will align with the future podcasts but I think thats okay. Because the more I get to know you all, the more I realize how much we have in common. And, chances are you want very similar things for yourself this year. We’d love to hear your biggest goals and ways we can encourage you here at the Catch This Mama podcast. So, message us on whatever forum you feel best be it IG, FB, email, snail mail. We want to know what your dreams are for this year and how we can hold you accountable.


In this episode we dive into 


A look back at 2017

How and why Danie quit everything and what it did for her family and business

Emily had a baby and hubby got a bomb job

Launch of the podcast

Being on the news

Launching the book club

2018 goals




Emily's personal goals:

  • No phone hours so like 8-9 12-1 and then 6-bedtime. This is hard because I’ll think if something and want to look it up right away
  • Exercise 3 times a week 
  • Date nights once a month with my husband 
  • Plan out stay at home mom schedule with kids activities 

Danie's personal goals:

  • Intentionally re-entering the workforce
  • Run a marathon
  • Get closer to God


Professional -


So, we have set some high goals for growing the podcast. We want to reach as many Moms as possible. Like thousands per week. There are plenty of Mom podcasts out there doing it and we feel like ours is capable of doing it. We also would like to bring in more paid sponsorship. This paid sponsorship would allow us to pay the people who work so hard on this each week. So, in brain storming ways we can grow the podcast we came up with a few… 


  1. Make more reach outs in regard to getting on the news, online media, and other podcasts.
    1. We will be on Paula Sands Live in the QC each month - 
    2. We will be on Minimalist Moms Podcast, Creative Habitat, Moms Who Know, The Edens Podcast, Blossoming Mommys and a few more this season

We would love your help in plugging us on whatever forums you have connections with! MOPS groups, your local and national news, wine groups, women’s and mom conferences - if you’ve got a suggestion, let us hear it. 


2. Continue to provide great content - keep letting us know what you want to hear!


3. Get more honest feedback from Moms. Through social media or email we want to hear from Moms. We are here because we really do want to help make your lives easier. Tell us what you want to hear! 


4. Get more Moms involved in the book club! It’s such a great way to make you actually read!