Turning An Adversity Into A Mission with Elisheva Schwartz - Episode 33


My guest today is Elisheva Schwartz. 

Elisheva is a dyslexia researcher, mother, wife , intelligence re- define -er and podcast host. She’s on a mission to decode the dyslexic mind, and empower the dyslexic community to fully understand both the strengths and the difficulties of the processing style.

These days Elisheva travels the world to talk about learning differences, dyslexia, and self esteem, has a podcast ranked number 29 on the iTunes category in Education, and a thriving online business ( as well as two adorable children and a husband), but life was not always this full of ease.

By third grade Elisheva was being kicked out of class and into the hallway of the principal's office, by fifth grade she was getting suspended and by the time she was a junior in High School, Elisheva had dropped out school all together for half of the year, unsure if the classroom was the place for her.


In this episode we dive into...

  • What dyslexia is and isn't
  • What we can do to recognize it in our own children
  • What approach you can take to helping your child succeed
  • How a parent and child can cope with any sort of developmental delay
  • How we can turn a challenge into a mission that is making a difference
  • Morning and Night rituals 


You can find out more about Elisheva at ... http://www.elishevaschwartz.com