How To Avoid Burnout When Motherhood Is Hard - Episode 32



Trying to be super Mom 

More women in the workforce and higher demanding jobs

High-need baby

Unsupportive environment 

Mother’s personal challenges (ex. sleep deprivation,depression or anxiety)

Unrealistic expectations for parenting (social media can cause this when comparing yourself to the “perfect Mom” and feeling like you have to be her. ) 


HOW DO WE RECOGNIZE IT: (Are you burned out?) 

Ask yourself the following questions and if you answer yes to any of them, you might be facing a little burnout yourself!

Do you feel like you might lose it?

Are you resenting time with your kids? 

Do you feel you aren’t as present with your kids as you used to be? 

Are you just plain exhausted all. the. time?

Do you feel a heaviness in your chest frequently?

Headaches? High resting heart rate

Do you beg for the bedtime hour to get here faster every. single. day

Do you purchasing things left and right to try and find various forms of contentment?

Do you feel uneasy and discontent with your homelife? Do you yearn for a vacation?

OR maybe yearn for one but feel mom guilt for even thinking about taking time away?



Ignore outsiders opinions 

Don’t compare yourself

Get Dad or significant other involved

Relate with other moms

Help another mom out if you feel like they may be burned out. Don’t call them out and say hey you look super burned out but maybe just say Hey you’re doing an awesome job.


Intentional designof your life needs to take place.

1. Take a hot minute for yourself and declutter your mind

2. Slow down and simplify your schedule 

3. Manage Expectations  

4. Find what fills your cup and fuels your soul and commit to that -