Mom Struggling Well with Emily Thomas - Episode 28

My guest today is Emily Thomas of the Mom Struggling Well Podcast. She is a wife, a mother hustler to a 9 and 5 year old and a believer. Emily once taught juveniles in the prison system, and that did not kill her. This is how she knew she could survive parenthood. Before kids she was a teacher, nurse, and world traveler. Now she mostly travels around her house picking up toys. She has a hunch that she isn’t the only one who feels like they’re stumbling from one hot mess to the next in a way that must be hard to watch. Her mission parallels with the CTM brand and in that she wants her listeners to know that every Mama’s world isn’t at perfect as the internet makes it out to be and that it isn’t just you who can’t quite get it together. She is struggling too. So, in this episode I’m going to chat with Emily about her humor, her ability to overcome adversities like abuse, infertility, anxiety, depression and so much more. We are also going to talk about what has inspired her to keep going and what she is passionate about as a Mama. Let’s get to it.


In this episode we dive into...

  • Getting engaged the day after you meet someone
  • Leaving an abusive relationship
  • Finding the right man at an unexpected time
  • Living across seas while trying to get pregnant
  • Coping with not being able to have biological children
  • Homeschooling
  • Being honest with things that annoy you
  • Being awkward and feeling like an outsider
  • Starting a podcast
  • What is your biggest challenge as a Mama?
  • Notable Quote:

A woman who fears the Lord is not afraid of bad news. Her heart is firm, trusting the Lord. -Psalm 112:7