A $400 Grocery Challenge - What We Learned Episode 27

Emily and myself took a grocery challenge. It was, as the title suggests a $400 dollar a monthchallenge for my family of 5 and her family of 4 1/2. I knew it would be challenging, but I had read all these challenges about people eating for crazy low amounts like $3.00 a day and I felt compelled to give it my best go. Emily was like WTF … you sure you want to make it that low? and of course, I’m though pSSSSHHH yeah.. go big or go home. Well, unfortunately, I went home. Well, technically, I didn’t go home. I went to the store and spent way too much. My mission was simple eat food. mostly plants and proteins. What I didn’t realize is that all these challenges I was seeing on Pinterest involved a bajillion refined carbs a day and we just aren’t willing to do that… When I would Pinterest how to eat on budget it was .. spaghetti, tacos, etc. and my husband yearns to be on more of the whole 30 diet. So, I may have spoiled how we did but in this episode we are going to chat about how we actually did, what we learned, what a realistic budget looks like for us, tips to save money moving forward, some things we’ve tried to make it a bit easier, and some of our favorite super cheap recipes. 

What we learned - In this episode we dive into the following items...

  1.     Choose less expensive meat cuts
  2.     Spread it out 
  3.     Plan plan plan 
  4.     But learn to pivot 
  5.     Get educated 
  6.     Use what is in season 
  7.     Be prepared for the unknown
  8.     Shop at Aldi’s or Walmart
  9.     Make a list 
  10.     Shop organic “smartly” (clean 15) 
  11.     Use random things in the back of your cabinet or freezer. Be creative with what’s in there 
  12.     Don’t eat out 
  13.     Eat leftovers