Navigating The Desert Of Waiting For A Child with Olivia Ryan - Episode 26

Today I’m chatting with an extraordinary Mom who definitely owns her mom life. She is so inspiring and honest and courageous and I can’t wait for you to meet her. Her name is Liv Ryan. She is a passionate wife, mama, writer, speaker and health coach who stays home but enlists a lot of help from babysitters and preschool so she can keep her brain nice and occupied! What’s incredible about Liv is that at one point she wasn’t sure if she’d ever et to hold the title “Mama” and her journey BEGAN with not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 miscarriages. And that’s just the beginning. In this episode we are going to chat with Liv about her journey to motherhood, adoption, writing a book, starting a support group, becoming a speaker, and how faith played the biggest role in all of this.


In this episode we dive into

  • Divorce
  • Family
  • Being an angsty Mom when life isn't going according to plan
  • Waiting for a child
  • What 6 miscarriages feels like 
  • What adoption is like
  • What it is like to have a child with a special need
  • Loving through the tough stuff
  • The emotional rollercoaster of it all
  • Why parenting is tough
  • How to get into reading the bible
  • Who to lean on when things don't go the way you want them to
  • Navigating the desert of waiting for a child
  • Having a strong support system

Notable Quotes:

Wherever you are, be all in.

Obedience leads to desire.