How To Get Your Picky Eaters...Eating with Brooke Krantz - Episode 23

Mamas. You are going to LOVE this episode. I'm not even kidding. Today Emily, myself and Speech Pathologist, Brooke Krantz, chat about one of the most common challenges amongst us Mamas and how we can create BETTER eaters. Phew. Problem solved! 


In this episode we dive into...

  • Proven Strategies To Get Your Picky Eater… Eating!
  • Some reasons why we get picky eaters
  • How early is too early to start looking at this an issue
  • Proven routines to make sure we are establishing good habits
  • When we should just chill out and let them eat what they want to eat
  • How we recognize if there is a problem
  • Best vitamins out there for kids to eat
  • How to turn the picky eaters around
  • Milestone ages where things start to turn around
  • How about children with special needs
  • Creating Food rules
  • Setting standards for meal time
  • What if your kid doesn’t like meat? This seems to be a common one. What are the best sources to make sure they are getting protein outside of peanut butter.
  • How about vegetables? This is the biggest complaint. My kid won’t eat anything GREEN! 
  • What if your kid doesn’t like the texture of various foods
  • What is the difference between a picky eater and a problem eater
  • What is feeding therapy with a speech therapis