Empowering Our Children with Author Maria Dismondy - Episode 22


She is an Award-winning author and her name is Maria Dismondy. So, what is so cool about her is that she inspires lives through herstories about topics challenging today’s modern child. I think children have it a lot harder than I did growing. Not necessarily from a monetary or tangible aspect. But rather,  harder in regards to communication, dealing with conflict, understanding one another. We live in a swipe right to get a date and stare at the iPad to learn your ABCs kind of world and that is why I wanted this author on my podcast. Maria’s background in early education and commitment to teach the importance of character building enables her to touch lives all over the world. She is touring as a public speaker in schools, community forums, and at national conferences. How fun is that? I’m kind of envious, actually. I just record a podcast from my closet. Occasionally I hit the water table in the backyard and dip my feet in the baby pool with my kids. Does that count as exhilarating?  Maria’s eighth book(that’s right I said 8th), The Jelly Donut Difference, drives home the important message of generosity and kindness. When Maria isn’t writing, she can be found embarking on adventures throughout southeast Michigan and beyond, where she lives with her husband Dave and three book-loving children.

In this episode we dive into 

  • Her journey to writing children's books
  • Why she writes and what she wants to accomplish
  • How she wants to boost courage and self confidence
  • How to create the life you want in the midst of rejection
  • and a whole lot more about Maria!

She loves the ...

  • Rainforest App
  • Carrie Elle - www.carrieelle.com

Quote to live by:

"Your children learn more from what you are than what you teach" - W.E.B Dubois