Things That Make Our Life Easier, Healthier and Happier - Episode 18

Today, I thought it would be cool if we talked about things that we are currently loving that make our MOM life easier, healthier and happier. I’ve got a little over 10 things and items I do each week that help me feel zen and more accomplished. So, you are in the right place if you want to know how you can make life easier and healthier when it comes to yourself, your family and your friends. 

For Me

1. Lush Cosmetics  we have one in our local mall but you can go onto and order any that sound interesting to you! —

The first one I want to mention is NEW shampoo bar. It is really titles new. It’s red and circular and it looks like a bar of soap. So, what’s cool about this…When you have a child or when stress or life goes to your head and your hair starts thinning(which it totally did for me with all three kids), motivate your tired scalp with stimulating clove and cinnamon oils and a peppermint infusion. This spicy bar also has rosemary and nettles to soothe irritated scalps and make your hair shiny and soft. With a special #BeCrueltyFree message, our bestselling New encourages everyone to join the conversation about ending animal testing once and for all. Visit our friends at Humane Society International to learn more and take action.

They also have an acne treatment - So, when you are pregnant or breastfeeding you are so limited on what you can take. I also love the fact that LUSH is cllllll natural ingredients. It just makes me feels more confident about what I’m putting in my body. So, I use one called Herbalism… Battling with oily, troubled skin? Cleanse with the power of herbs. Our gentle green giant has an exfoliating, deep-cleansing base of kaolin clay and rice bran to mop up excess oils, and a toning blend of rosemary, nettle and chamomile to leave skin feeling fresh, clean and calm. Herbalism gets its color from chlorophyllin, which is extracted from alfalfa plants: it’s rich in nourishing vitamins and minerals and helps to balance out your skin’s oil production.

Other items from there that are great - My husband uses “coal face” and they also have amazing bath bombs. I want to add that they aren’t sponsoring this post. I’ve just found that we wanted to be more 

2. LuLaRoe Leggings and any leggings for that matter - I LOVE what they call the buttery soft leggings - I apprehensively purchased 2 pairs because my lovely Aunt Lesa was selling them and I am now converted. Check out her site at

3. Plants and gardening and flowers- So, I spent about 10 bucks on my garden and this is going to provide so much for our family at harvest time.



For My Family

3. Homemade Laundry Detergent - Okay, so I make my own detergent for a few reasons. 1. IT is SO easy. My kids love making it with me. It’s an activity we can do together. 2. It saves money in the long run because I only have to make it two times a year.

I have it pinned in my “homemade recipes” on Pinterest but will also have the link on the show notes 

  • 4 lb box Borax
  • 3 lb box Washing Soda
  • 4 lb box baking soda
  • 3 lb container OxyClean (optional….but I have messy toddlers)
  • 2 bars Fels Naptha soap (Zote is another good option)
  • 2 (280z) containers Purex crystals fabric softener

4. Veggie Sneaks -We also try a ton of different way to sneak in veggies because sometimes it is hard to get them into the mouths of our pesky toddlers. Also, my husband and myself typical try to eat clean and don’t want unnecessary refined grains. So, here are some things we do to get those veggies in and replace the refined carbs…

  • cauliflower rice
  • spaghetti squash
  • chocolate flavored veggie in powder form - “Amazing Grass”
  • smoothies, and the way in which we present the stuff ( I’ll talk about what all these mean)
  • Having cut up fruit 

5. Laying out the week’s worth of clothes - We have a closet organizer and when I was working I’d lay out their clothes for the next day OR I would lay them out for the next week. It cut down the fight time in the morning because the kids knew what they were wearing, Dad knew what they were wearing and could help get them dressed, etc. It helped so much when we were trying to get out the door in a hurry. 

6. Weekly Declutter - I go through SOMETHING every week. A drawer, a toy box, my purse, etc. to toss out items I don’t need. This helps me feel accomplished and more at zen. Living a simple, decluttered life is not a magic pill. It is a process and I love doing it. 

7. Gratitude Sharing - My kids are getting to the age where we notice they feel entitled to things. GIVE ME THIS. I want this not that! Etc. So, every single day when we are getting ready for bed or when we notice they are extra whiney about 1st world problems - we have a conversation about what we are thankful for. This also works with Chuck and myself if we start to get angsty over something going on in our lives. 

8. ”Chore" - If this, then that - I am going to start a chore chart of simple things to start helping Mom. But, because I’m always cleaning, they actually like to join in with me. They can carry the trash from the bathrooms out. They can sorta make their bed. They can help carry diapers. Etc. 

9. Plant lemon grass - It will help keep mosquitos away.  A girl I work with actually told me about this one so you plant the lemon grass in little planters and put on your patio.  I guess it flies off the shelfs too.  Lowes was out and we went to a local store Teskes if you’re from the QCA and they were so nice and took our number to call us when it comes in. I can not wait to try this because I am a mosquito magnet and do not like the smell of citronella candles.  I’m thinking about also getting lemon grass essential oil and diffusing that too.


For My Friends

10. ABC Milestone Subscription Box + Code For 15% off


Enter Code - CatchThisMama15

Sometimes it can be a stressful event to take you and all your little ones out to the store. I have a gigantic double stroller so I can't fit through the clothing racks I have to like roll them apart to make my way through so I've been doing a ton of online shopping. A cool thing that Danie and I just received were these milestone ABC boxes. They came with a couple toys for each kid, a book and then an outfit for each of them. The toys were totally customized to the girls age and were educational, nice wood toys and the girls were obsessed. There was a super awesome puppet that is a puppy that I've been enjoying using as my alter ego chasing after my kids and barking if they weren't listening. Only kidding. But I mean this is something we were lucky enough to just receive BUT it is something I will totally use as gifts for other people. There are various prices on their website www.milstoneabc.comany where from $49-$149. You can do a gift for someone else or you can buy a subscription box for your little cuties and get one every three months. Another cool thing is they have a developer at their company who is an elementary teacher so you get a little insert with cool activity suggestion based on your kids ages. Overall awesome stuff! I would definitely check them out if I were you.