Help! My Kid Won't Sleep! with Sleep Expert Kelley Thompson - Episode 17

Today’s guest is one that was highly requested by our Mamas. Her name is Kelley Thompson and she is the Founder of Serenity Sleepers. Kelley is a certified pediatric sleep consultant and typically works with children ages newborn to six years old. Kelley also has her master’s degree in elementary and middle school education and has worked with children for years. It was in those years that she developed a deep passion for helping families develop peaceful sleepers using the safest, healthiest and most gentle approaches. She understands each chid is unique and is committed to finding the solution that works best for each family. Her 3 step process is to educate, implement and then evaluate the situation to make sure it is the right one. Not only does she work with children but she also has 3 of her own and can totally relate to all of our struggles from first hand experience.  I am so excited to learn more about Kelley’s approach and shoot off some rapid fire questions I’ve had Mama’s write in about. Please keep in mind that like Kelley said, each child is different and we won’t be able to get every question answered in this podcast so we will for sure give you Kelley’s contact information so you can reach out to her with all your needs! Let’s get started.

In this episode we dive into...

  • What sleep consultants actually do
  • 5 tips for getting better sleep
  • Single biggest thing parents are doing wrong 
  • Long term effects of not getting enough sleep
  • Sleeping in the same room and co-sleeping - is it okay?
  • Transitioning to crib
  • The best sleep product

You can find out more about Kelley at the following websites

Serenity Sleepers


The National Sleep Foundation, is a great website for healthy sleep basics for all ages. The below article addresses the benefits of sleep at each age and the healthy developments. I always tell my clients it is important to remember that each child and family have their own specific needs, and when researching or reading information these are guidelines and why it is so important to reach out to a sleep consultant to find the right plan and sleep guide that fits each family. 



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