From Overwhelmed to Intentional with Allie Casazza - Episode 11


Today’s guest is one I’m so excited about. Mainly because we could all use a little or a lot of her tactics in our personal lives. It’s Allie Casazza. These days Allie coaches and helps families get rid of clutter, embrace minimalism, live intentionally and ultimately own their lives once and for all. Allie is wife to the boy she sat next to in seventh grade algebra class, and mom tot heir four kids. She’s a writer and the creator ofY ourUnclutteredHome- an online decluttering course that earned her national attention for her philosophy of simple motherhood. Allie has been featured on Good Morning America, The TODAY Show, The Jenny McCarthy Show, ABC News, and other popular media. You can find her blogging at . Although Allie’s life is quite different now and in her words crystal clear and thriving, she didn’t begin in that realm. Rewind years back and you would have found Allie miserable, overwhelmed, overworked and battling depression. She had 4 small children and was constantly chasing after their messes and living a less than fruitful life. Today we are going to learn what helped her overcome the life she WAS leading, what her day to day life is like now a days and what she hopes the future has in store for her and her family.

We dive into...

  • What life is like living out of a camper with 4 children
  • How she was depressed and overwhelmed 5 years ago and what she did to overcome it
  • How living a minimalistic lifestyle has changed her and her family
  • How she teaches others to declutter and simplify for good!
  • How she adapts when self doubt and the feeling of being a fraud come into play
  • How God has a major impact on the way in which she operates
  • How she stays intentional 

You can find more about Allie and how she can help you declutter at