Finding Your Voice with Julia Dellitt - Episode 3

In this episode you meet Julia Dellitt. She is a writer, new Mama and yoga teacher rooted in my hood, Des Moines, Ia. Julia is a Content Manager for a billion dollar healthcare company by day and tackles freelance projects by night. Her writing has been published by The Everygirl, (which I’m totally impressed and in love with, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Thought Catalog and Elephant Journal. She also blogs on her website about books, relationships, motherhood, running, yoga AND travel! When she is not busying jotting down ideas for her next story, Julia loves to Netflix and chill - like literally chill - with her husband, son and pug. Some of my favorite things about Julia are that she loves to flag articles to read later, drink iced coffee and make the perfect playlist for living room dance parties! Julia is a compassionate, honest, brave, respectful, and educated feminist. :) She appears to have it all together these days but definitely felt the pressure throughout her life to be the perfect woman. This lead to disordered eating habits, serious bouts of anxiety and depression and a major phobia of commitment. She has taken some courageous measures to overcome these. So, tune in to hear the whole story!


We dive into

When her eating disorder first started and what she believe crafted her self expectations.

When she battled depression and anxiety and the root cause of both.

The “fill your own bucket first” method to self care.

How to “blend” your time

How to delegate and feel okay with letting Dad be a big part of raising your child

Julia’s top tips on overcoming challenges

1.  Find your support system

2.  Find your spiritual side through prayer and yoga

3.  Don’t be afraid to use your voice to help in overcoming your challenge


Notable Quotes and words of wisdom:

Remember that all of this could disappear in a flash. Maybe that sounds morbid, but we only have a short number of years here on earth. We don't know how much time we get. Motherhood is so incredibly hard, but remembering that it is fleeting helps me make the best of this wonderful experience I am honored to have.

 As for my pre-baby self, I would tell her it's going to be okay; you'll still be you. The best quote I've ever read about parenting is by Sarah Walker, an artist. She said that "motherhood is like discovering the existence of a strange new room in the house where you already live." You can be any kind of mother. There are many ways to love and care for a child. Trust yourself.

On depression, “you want to be happy so badly but something inside of you screams that you don’t deserve it.”

You can learn more about Julia and follow her work at - Follow her beautiful life on Instagram @julmarie