That's Inappropriate with Meredith Masony - Episode 8

Mamas! Today’s guest is going to be hard to beat. It’s Meredith from That’s Inappropriate. You’ve probably seen some of her hilarious and completely relatable viral videos on Facebook or Youtubem ranging from a Christmas list describing her desire to have her kids listen the FIRST time she asks or to how she feels every time she watches DIY shows and sees these newlyweds purchasing $800,000 homes when they are first time buyers. Her website title of “That’s Inappropriate” is pretty fitting as she lives by the motto, “I’ll say it so you don’t have to!” She says the things we are all thinking but are too afraid to say out loud! Meredith has three kids ages 10,7, and 5. She wants people to know that life is messy and it’s OK to talk about it. When I saw that she had 780,000 people liking her Facebook page I knew I needed to bring her on the show. She is obviously filling a need for Mamas out there and I truly believe she is owning her mom life.

In this episode we dive into

How a mid life crisis and a life threatening moment resulted in  her desire to start That's Inappropriate

What motherhood is actually like

What people think of Meredith each time she posts a video

How important it is to stay authentic and true to yourself

Why it is okay to leave a vacuum behind you in an IG picture 


Notable words

Finding myself was like playing an intense game of hide and seek - Meredith

You can purchase her book "Scoop The Poop"  and support her efforts at