The Story Behind Catch This Mama

Danie grew up believing life would be simple. She had this picture perfect idea of how her life would go. If you were determined and hardworking then your dreams would come true. Or, if you experience life changes such as a career change, marriage, baby, etc. then you have an aha moment in the beauty of it all and thus it provides clarity to what your purpose is in this world.  She couldn’t have been more wrong in this assumption. Her aha moment was anything but luxurious and amazing. Danie's aha moment came at a time where nothing made sense. In the thick of it all, her aha moment felt like a complete loss


In this episode you meet Danie, the Host and Founder of Catch This Mama. You hear her story of growing up as a runner. She ran from all problems until she couldn't run any more and had to face everything. It was during that time she realized that we need each other. We can’t do this crazy world alone. We aren’t perfect. We all sin.  After her aha moment, she realized she had a deep gratitude for those Moms that helped her through the tough times and now has an insatiable desire to help you get through your daily challenges. Every day of our lives we have to make tough decisions. This podcast is for those moms that go out and kick ass each day but struggle to see their worth. This podcast is for the moms open to inspiration and growth. This podcast will empower you to own your mom life.