10 Lessons We Learned From Moving With Kids - Episode 70


Moving is no small feat. Prior to kids my family had moved multiple times. There are people who have moved far more than us but we have indeed moved 8 times in 9 years. We used to think it was easy. The last time we moved was over 5 years ago and the key here was that was BEFORE having children. Fast forward. We’ve had three children in 5 years. Emily, also has 3 little tiny children. We both decided to move and get settled into our next “forever home” prior to kids starting kindergarden. While we firmly believe we’ve done the right thing, moving and all, it was not an easy task. There was a lot of unknown and a lot more to consider when moving with kids. Today we’ve compiled 10 lessons we’ve learned from moving with kids.

Notable Quotes:

"All great change is pre-ceded by chaos" - deepak chopra

"If you want change, be willing to sacrifice comfort"

“It’s going to be hard but hard is not impossible”