The Little Things Are The Big Things with Chanelle Neilson - Episode 55


My guest today is Chanelle Neilson. Chanelle is a Mama to not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4 but 5 babies! That alone has my head rolling with questions I want to ask. Chanelle is host of Moms who knows podcast which is a podcast about topics that align with the CTM mission. She interviews Moms and gets tips on how to make our lives go a bit more smoothly each day. So, when we connected, it was a no brainer to bring her on to chat with me. She is not only a podcaster but she teaches yoga, and is an author of an parenting book called “Parenting on Purpose! Welcome to the show Chanelle!


In this episode we dive into

Why the little moments and the little things mean the most to kids

How to carve time for yourself

Why playing in the dirt is good

Why she chooses to keep kids out of structured sports

How your perspective changes as your kids get older

Her desire for moms to realize their worth is not defined by how they look and what we should focus on instead

How she got her book written while being a work at home mama

What her biggest challenges are as a Mom


"That by small and simple things are great things brought to pass"  - Alma 37:6


Author of: Parenting on Purpose

Podcaster at: Moms Who Know

2018 Is The Year To Be A Goal Digger - Episode 54


Happy 2018! By now you are starting to pursue your goals for new year. There is something so warm and welcoming about a new year. It’s so refreshing to be able to look at all you’ve achieved so far and at the same time make moves towards all you want to be in the future. In this episode we are going to talk to you about our favorite memories and goals accomplished in 2017 and then we will chat about our personal and professional goals for 2018. You’ll notice that a lot of our goals will align with the future podcasts but I think thats okay. Because the more I get to know you all, the more I realize how much we have in common. And, chances are you want very similar things for yourself this year. We’d love to hear your biggest goals and ways we can encourage you here at the Catch This Mama podcast. So, message us on whatever forum you feel best be it IG, FB, email, snail mail. We want to know what your dreams are for this year and how we can hold you accountable.


In this episode we dive into 


A look back at 2017

How and why Danie quit everything and what it did for her family and business

Emily had a baby and hubby got a bomb job

Launch of the podcast

Being on the news

Launching the book club

2018 goals




Emily's personal goals:

  • No phone hours so like 8-9 12-1 and then 6-bedtime. This is hard because I’ll think if something and want to look it up right away
  • Exercise 3 times a week 
  • Date nights once a month with my husband 
  • Plan out stay at home mom schedule with kids activities 

Danie's personal goals:

  • Intentionally re-entering the workforce
  • Run a marathon
  • Get closer to God


Professional -


So, we have set some high goals for growing the podcast. We want to reach as many Moms as possible. Like thousands per week. There are plenty of Mom podcasts out there doing it and we feel like ours is capable of doing it. We also would like to bring in more paid sponsorship. This paid sponsorship would allow us to pay the people who work so hard on this each week. So, in brain storming ways we can grow the podcast we came up with a few… 


  1. Make more reach outs in regard to getting on the news, online media, and other podcasts.
    1. We will be on Paula Sands Live in the QC each month - 
    2. We will be on Minimalist Moms Podcast, Creative Habitat, Moms Who Know, The Edens Podcast, Blossoming Mommys and a few more this season

We would love your help in plugging us on whatever forums you have connections with! MOPS groups, your local and national news, wine groups, women’s and mom conferences - if you’ve got a suggestion, let us hear it. 


2. Continue to provide great content - keep letting us know what you want to hear!


3. Get more honest feedback from Moms. Through social media or email we want to hear from Moms. We are here because we really do want to help make your lives easier. Tell us what you want to hear! 


4. Get more Moms involved in the book club! It’s such a great way to make you actually read!

Why A Mom Should Run The World - Episode 47


In the season finale of the Catch This Mama podcast we chat about all of the FABULOUS reasons a Mom should be in charge. We hope this episode leaves you feeling more empowered to own your mom life. You can do and be anything you want. For real. Enjoy!


Who runs the world? Girls.  - Beyonce

“My father said when you see something wrong in the world, you can either do something or nothing, and I already tried nothing.” - Steve - Wonder Woman

How To Be A Simply Clean Mama - Episode 46


If you’ve tuned into any of the podcasts you know that I love a clean house. I do not feel my best if my house is cluttered or messy. But yet, I sit, frustrated in a chaotic mess each day with three tiny children running around. So, I jumped at the opportunity to bring on this well known Mama. Most people know her by the name, Clean Mama but her real name is Becky. Her blog, cleaning routines, and daily tasks lists have gained national attention because she lightens our cleaning load by simplifying the process. In each blog post she aims to be helpful, teach something, and enrich your homekeeping. She has a laundry list of places and companies in which she has been spotted, featured and even sponsored by. Her work looks amazing and it is no wonder that she has close to a million page views per month on her website and over 110,000 email subscribers. I just keep thinking, teach me your ways Clean Mama!  Today we are going to going to chat with her about how she got started, what the biggest challenges are for Mamas, how to simplify our routines, and ultimately own your mom life when it comes to homekeeping. 

In this episode we dive into:

Her big blogging break

Some of the most asked questions or challenges when it comes to keeping a tidy and clean home?

How she helps Mamas overcome this challenge

Resources she has for you

How take the first step in creating and maintaining a good clean home

What she stands for as a Mama

Her biggest challenge when it comes to motherhood

Notable Quote: 

Be fearless in the pursuit that sets your soul on fire


You can find out more about Becky and get her cleaning routines HERE

*Bonus Episode* Gift Guide for Kids - Episode 45



Today we are chatting about gift ideas and the items that we love the most for kids. It’s like Oprah’s Favorite Things except we aren’t giving anything away and… it’s a little less cool…. and well, I’m not Oprah. But none the less, this episode will help you spread the love through gift giving and get you off the struggle bus when it comes to thinking of gifts for the children in your lives this holiday season.

Ages 0-2

Ages 3-4

Ages 5-7

Ages 8-11

Ages 12 +

  • OSMO Genius Kit and $99.99  Meet Osmo, the award-winning game system that uses proprietary technology to combine play with hands-on learning. The Genius Kit includes five great games (Masterpiece, Numbers, Words, Tangram, and Newton). Kids play at drawing, math, word, and visual challenges in front of the iPad, Osmo “sees” their real-world handiwork and responds with on-screen encouragement, guidance, and giggles. Works with iPad Pro 9.7 inch, all iPad Mini, all iPad Air, all iPad 2 & up.
  •     -Bounce House $180-400
  • Experiences: Take them on a trip to a cool museum or if they are older to their favorite hockey teams game, or on vacation
  •  Movie theatre gift card, TRI-Pass to local zoo, or theaters or play zones where there are trampolines    


  • “It’s not whats under the tree that matters it’s who's around it” 
  • “The magic of Christmas is not in the presents but in His presence” 
  • "We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give" - Winston Churchill



Bringing Home Another Baby - Episode 44


A wave of emotions come over a Mama when she realizes another baby will be joining the family. How can I possibly love another human as much as I do my first baby? How am I going to be able to share time between them? How am I going to be able to take care of everyone in my family? How am I going to be able to handle my work load and family load? How do I help my older child adjust to a new baby? We are here to give you some tips and resources for adjusting to a new family. These ideas come from our own experiences of bringing home new babies. We want to chat with you about how to make the transition a bit easier for your whole family.

  •     Break the news to kids to prepare them. “Sometimes Moms and Dads decide to have another baby.” 
  •     Include your children in the process. Take them to doctors visits or when baby kicks have them feel it. 
  •     Visit other families with babies so they can get used to being around babies. Also I’ve heard of people getting baby dolls to have to get them prepared. 
  •     Prepare them that when you have the baby someone else is going to be watching them ex. grandma and grandpa
  •     Bribe them with gifts. This seriously works so the toddler wont get jealous. Make sure to wrap some gifts for them to get when the baby comes home. That way they wont feel left out when people come by with gifts for the baby. 
  •     When baby arrives include them as helpers whenever possible. Could you hand me that diaper? Do you want to see baby sleep? Do you want to help me hold the bottle?
  •     Give them a dedicated 10-15 minutes a day. It might not seem like an awful long time but even that little amount of time dedicated to them is more than most children get with their parents. They will feel special like they’ve got time with their Mama and it is still normal.
  •     Let them take care in an age appropriate way - When my daughter would share her blanket with the little baby or give her one of her books or bottles or cups - she felt like the best big sister and as if she was taking care of her. 
  •     Talk for your baby. Ex. when the baby squeezes your finger she’s saying that she loves you. 
  •     Spread the praise. When someone says oh my gosh the baby is so cute say oh, just like their big sister! 
  •     DAD can be a huge help!  Let them get more involved than they may have been with baby number one. They’ve done it before now they know what to expect!  They can always take the toddler on an outing or to do something fun. 
  •     Allow people who offer to take your older child or children to go out and do something fun. 
  •     Your kids may watch a little more TV than before so you can nurse the baby. 
  •     Do as much meal prep/organizing as you can. 
  •     Invest in a good baby wearing system - I lived wearing my baby this last go around. It left room to snuggle with the others. 
  •     Before baby - get someone to clean your house. Pay for, ask a family member, whatever. 
  •     EXPECTATIONS: Things will take a little time to get everyone used to each other.  Regression can happen. My oldest went back to wanting a bottle when i had my middle child and I let it happen because I was tired as heck. If you are potty training they may begin to regress and go back to that. 
  •     LET THEM STILL BE BABIES - it’s hard but allow your toddler to be a little frustrated and be sympathetic to what they are going through. Ex. I know this is really hard and you don’t want me to hold the baby right now… 
  •     YOU KNOW A LITTLE MORE - Something positive is the second time is much easier as far as you already know what to expect. Nursing was 100 x easier the second time and you know not to expect to sleep so I think that actually makes the no sleep easier. While there will still be a lot of question marks like wait… when do I start to feed them and how much do I need to feed them? The basics are there. You figure out what actually matters and what doesn’t. Which brings me to the next point.
  •     YOU DON’T NEED TO BE MRS. CLEAVER You can’t do it ALL when you have multiples. You will go insane. You have to be less of a helicopter Mom. You are more laid back. The older one might not get their mouth wiped off perfectly when they are done smashing food into it. Or, the little one might eat a sticker. But, it’s normal and neither of these items make you a better or worse mom if they happen or don’t happen.
  •     IT’S OKAY TO CRY - You will feel guilty and question if you are doing anything right. It doesn’t matter if this is your 2nd or 5th kid. Each child is so different and brings about their own challenges. I cried and cried before having my second because I felt like I was taking away from my oldest. 
  • CHAOS MAY FEEL LIKE THE NEW NORM- Kids might not nap at the same time… and if they do you should get a medal. 

    “A sibling is your only enemy you can’t live without.”

    “ The greatest gift our parents ever gave us was each other”







In Case You're Down with Andrea Roberts - Episode 43


My guest today is Andrea Roberts. She is a 23 year old Mama and wife! She was taken by surprise when her beautiful son was born with Down Syndrome, but wouldn't have it any other way. She created a blog to spread awareness of Down Syndrome and document her life. She hopes to be able to share her thoughts and story in a positive way so that others can see what it's REALLY like to have a child with Down Syndrome. 

In this episode we dive into...

  • Genetic Testing
  • Her surprise
  • The support after having her baby
  • What life is like with a special needs child
  • What she hopes to accomplish with her blog
  • What she has done to spread awareness
  • Places to find support through your journey


Notable Quotes:

"It's okay to feel sad, and don't feel guilty. It's okay to cry. It's healthy to cry."

"Blessed are those who see things through a different window."

You can find out more about Andrea on IG @incaseyouredown or on her website at


Put 'em to work! Age Appropriate Chores - Episode 42


So, kids do stuff all day long without hesitation they wake up, maybe go to the bathroom, maybe then eat breakfast, watch a cartoon or get dressed, perhaps play with some toys. But, it seems like when we ask out kiddos to pitch in around the house it’s as if we asked them to carry the world on their little shoulders. So, what gives? If you are wondering the benefits and reason behind assigning chores, this episode is for you.  If you are a newish mama and wondering what kind of chores are age appropriate, this episode is for you. If you are wondering ways in which you can get your kid to pitch in, this episode is for you. 

Why chores are important: 

  •     Helps kids learn responsibilities 
  •     Make them feel needed and helpful
  •     Sharing chores gives Mom help!
  •     Instills confidence in your children - showing them they are capable of doing more than they thought



  •     Don’t insist on perfection
  •     Give a lot of praise!
  •     Be consistent
  •     Make a chore chart

TODDLER Ages 2-3:

  •     Put away toys and books
  •     Put clothes in hamper
  •     Put clothes away in dresser
  •             Take plate to sink
  •     Put dirty clothes in laundry basket
  •     Wipe off table or counter
  •     Personal hygiene like brushing teeth, hair
  •     Pick outfit or one article of clothing like undies



  •     Set table
  •     Match socks
  •     Put away groceries
  •     Pull weeds/Water plants
  •     Feed pets
  •     Make bed
  •     Pack a few part of their lunch for school or make a snack
  •     Help with pets like a walk, or out to the bathroom or something along those lines



  •     Put away dishes
  •     Sort laundry
  •     Fold Clothes
  •     Simple snack /meal prep
  •     Get Mail
  •     Rake leaves
  •      Learn the value of money


  •     Take out trash
  •     Sweep    
  •     Vacuum 
  •     Clean toilets
  •     Mop floors
  •     Manage allowance


  •     Mow lawn/ Find other jobs for spending money
  •     Babysit siblings 
  •     Laundry
  •     Make full meals 
  •     Wash cars
  •     Budgeting 

So how can we get them to do chores?

  • Teamwork - when a child knows you are on their side and that you are in it together, they’ll help out a lot more
  • Make it fun - sing songs, make up your own version of the clean up song
  • Make it a game  or competition - 
  • Offer a conclusion or event instead of rewards - Studies show rewards may kick start a program but then kids expect to get more and more each time they do something - If I go potty I get candy. and then if they go potty they will want two pieces of candy. Etc. So boundaries either need to be clear and consistent or every child will turn into an evil little dictator (only kidding) OR instead try.. When we get our chore done we can go to the park as a family. OR my children live for a little tv time - so we came home from church and I immediately noticed the house was totally messed up. So as soon as we got in the door I said when we get this house clean, we can eat lunch together and watch a cartoon before quiet time. 


 “In every job that must be done there is an element of fun.” -Mary Poppins

“Motivation is what gets you started, Habit is what keeps you going.” 


On Defying The Odds and Sharing Hope with Kayla Craig - Episode 41


Kayla is a full-time journalist turned work-at-home mom to four young kids. She wrote for print and digital publications at Meredith Corporation and the Des Moines Register before transitioning to work-at-home mom mode. Her oldest son joined her family via international adoption, two more sons joined the old-fashioned way, and her sweet daughter completed their family via a domestic special needs adoption.

Kayla has been hitched for nine years to her husband Jonny, who pastors The Bridge church in Johnston. She cares deeply about living an authentic life of faith and her heart beats for amplifying voices of those who are often unheard. Kayla attended Drake University, where she majored in magazine journalism and minored in English and sociology.

When she’s not changing dirty diapers and refereeing lightsaber duels, she enjoys hammering out stories and recording episodes of Upside Down Podcast, where she co-hosts conversations on life and faith. 


You can find out more about Kayla at

Things You Should Never Say To Another Mom - Episode 40



  People love giving advice to each other. Moms especially love it. I mean it is usually with good intent but sometimes it is without thought as to how the other mom can perceive it. I know I’ve been on both ends. I’ve been the person to give advice or make comments when it is not welcome and I’ve also be the receiver. My hope is that with this episode you know what you should never say to another mom.

  • When are you due?
  • Oh my gosh your belly is HUGE! 
  • You know how this happens right?
  • You’re SO swollen!  You look so different. Your face is so full. 
  • You look tired
  • You look stressed. 
  • I love when a person with no kids asks why we don’t have girls nights any more. Or, says I’ve changed since becoming a mom.
  • You need to let your kid cry it out
  • I’m so busy
  • Your kid is still in your room at night? 
  • Are you going to feed your kid that.
  • You’re still breastfeeding. 
  • Your kids still uses a bottle/pacifier?
  • Stop holding your kids so much, you need to let them stumble a little bit.
  • You stay home, your house should be clean and dinner should be cooked.
  • I could NEVER be a stay at home mom.
  • When are you going to have another baby?
  • Cute boy - When it is a girl or vice versa.
  • Enjoy every moment because this will pass so quickly. 


  • You’re doing a great job! 
  • That is an amazing way to parent! 
  • Your kids are adorable and so well behaved! 
  • How can i help you? Can I make you dinner? Or do your laundry? Or watch your kids while you nap? Can I pour you a glass of wine? 


If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all” -everyone’s Mom

Sometimes you have to be kind to others, not because they’re nice, but because you are.

Mother - One person who does the work of twenty. For free. 

The Comedy of Motherhood with Riona O'Connor - Episode 39




My guest today is quite amazing. Here is her bio.

Hey! I’m Riona aka The Unnatural Woman. I write funny songs and parodies and make ridiculous videos to make you laugh and take life a lot less seriously. My humour is as dry as a breast feeders vagina. I have no idea what I’m doing in life or motherhood and I am not one of those people with their shit together. I love cynicism and hope in equal measure and I hate different things on different days. My own brain is my worst enemy so I try not to listen to her much. She can be a right old bag.

I also act and do voice overs. I have spent years in Londons West End and touring the world with shows like The Commitments, Beauty and the Beast and Twelfth Night. You’ll have heard me in computer games like Elite Dangerous, the odd Subway commercial and in adverts singing about bread. You can also hear me singing vocals for Beano Toons on their Frozen parody ‘Don’t Let It Go!’ – which is awesome, as I’ve been reading the Beano while pooping for 30 years!

My husband Nicoll is a computer game developer of crazy games such as time-travelling-lumberjack-em-up  FIST OF AWESOME and drivey-drivey-smash-em-up Maximum Car. We have a two year old son whose favourite things include dangerously high slides, Teletubbies and tantrums.


In this episode we dive into 

  • Comedy and acting
  • Being told no
  • Depression/ Anxiety
  • Body image
  • Breastfeeding
  • and so much more! Don't miss this episode!

You can find out more about Riona O'Connor here or here

The Secret To A Happy Life - Episode 38


Most of us dream of one thing. We wish to be happy. There are five specific areas where we tend to wish and lust towards the goal and dream of getting to the top of the happiness mountain. 

1. Job - Our parents told us, and we tell our kids, do whatever you want to do when you grow up, as long as you are happy. Then, we sit in our cubicles at work and yearn for the job across that street because at the current moment, we aren’t happy. We are bored. We are yearning for this mystical career that brings us joy and contentment at every turn.

2. Marriage - When it comes to marriages we are in a state where more people leave than stay because they just aren’t happy any more. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying every person should stay in a marriage because there are definitely circumstances where it is safer for the spouse to leave than stay. However, by and large we leave our spouses because we think life is too short to be “unhappy”. We firmly believe we deserve “happiness” and if we aren’t getting it where we are, right now, then we try and find it in someone else.

3. Money - As far as money goes, if we have more than we need, that is definitely the key to happiness, right? We buy and buy and buy with the money we don’t have, to fill our house(s) to impress people that we don’t even like. We think that if we go get our nails done or buy this instagram worthy outfit or join this costly pyramid scheme/network marketing jewelry company, we will then be fulfilling this void of passion and we will be ultimately happy!

4. Health - How familiar does it feel to say, man, if I lost just 15 lbs, I’d be happy. Once I lose that weight, I can buy that dress, or eat that cookie, or go on that vacation. If I can just invest in this $280 program, I’d be able to get to where I want to be, which is happy. 

5. Time - If I had more time in my day, I’d get to do the things I want, like exercise and read and hang out with my friends/spouse. If I only had one more hour in the day, I could have finished writing that book or working on that project at my day job. I could have made a healthy dinner with just one more hour in the day. My kids could have got that bath to rid themselves the of three days worth of dirt under their fingernails. Oh man, I would have been so happy if I would have had just one. more. hour. in the day. 

We hold happiness as if it is heaven. As if, it is the holy grail. The creme de la creme. The end all be all. The top of the most beautiful mountain. That is where happiness lies. But, what happens when we get to the top of the mountain? We are happy and then what? We have to go back down the mountain. A line from Don Draper out of one of my favorite episodes of Mad Men asks, “What is happiness? It’s the point before you realize you need more happiness.”  We are chasing a state. Happiness is a temporary state of emotion. If we chase a temporary state, we are only setting ourselves up for failure and sadness. I believe it is okay to feel happy. BUT, we shouldn’t invest our lives in mindset that IF and only IF we get to this point, we will be happy. As the Moana song says it best, happiness is right where you are. In life, it’s about riding the waves of the grit and grind. Loving right where you are. It’s about making your current state, whether that is happy, angsty, mad, surprised, or whatever, work. It’s the mindset of finding the good in everything, as hard as it may be. Let me give you an example. Today, I woke up mad. We had a date night last night and we stayed out too late and had one drink too many which means more than two is too many for me these days. My child was up about 4 times and we had to wake up early to get out of the house. I couldn’t help but yearn for more sleep and to cancel the birthday party we were heading out of town for today. I thought, I would be much happier if I could just crawl up in a bawl, lock my children out of my bedroom, sleep and shower and shave(for the first time this month) and THEN, I’d be able to be happy. Since none of those dreams were coming true, I felt mad and unhappy. But then, I looked at my daughters eyes when she hopped in the car and saw how stinking sweet she is, and how much fun they are going to have today. I held my husband’s hand in the car and thought about how hard we work together, to make it work. I thought about the sore neck I have from cuddling with my sweet babe all night and felt comforted by the fact, I’m so needed. 

The key to happiness is not to chase it by running from your current state. The key is finding the good in the depths of despair and uncomfortable grit of the day to day grind. It’s the mindset of making it work, or making it better. The key to happiness is to look at your current challenges and struggles and make a decision today to run toward them instead of away from them. It is only at that point, you are able to be happy. Stop running away. Go home today and make it better. Happiness is a choice. It doesn’t happen on accident and it definitely doesn’t happen all the time. But, if you find the good right where you are in the thick of the messy, I promise you, you’ll find a lot more of those happy moments. 

So, how can we find those happy moments? 

    1    Get Organized

    2    Ask your self when do I feel happiest?

    3    Ask for help/ Hire help (!) 

    4    Find your tribe

    5    Work ONLY on plan A - forget plan B


“Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy unless you choose to be happy. No person will make you happy unless you decide to be happy. Your happiness will not come to you. It can only come from you. -Ralph Marston

“Learn to let go. That is the key to happiness.” -Buddha

“A perfect marriage is just two imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other.” 

From Fashion Showroom to Work at Home Mom with Brianne Manz - Episode 37


Brianne Manz is a Mom and blogger over at Stroller In The City. Brianne shows other Mom's how to still look great in the thick of motherhood! She went from a Fashion Showroom Owner to a work at home mom blogger.

  • In this episode we dive into
  • What it's like to go after your dream
  • What it's like to own your own fashion show room
  • What it's like to transition to a work at home blogger
  • How to make money from blogging
  • Life in New York City

You can find out more about Brianne at

Things You Don't Know About Fall But Should - Episode 36


Did you know that Autumn/Fall rates higher than any other season as being the favorite? From pumpkin everything to cozy sweaters to leaves on the trees to football tailgating, it is no wonder we love this season. It’s the beginning of welcoming a string of holidays that bring families and friends together. When we think of fall we instantly feel embraced by the warmth and coziness that accompanies the season. Today we are going to be giving you some statistics and information and fall favorites that you may not have known or thought about before. This episode will give you some practical ideas of goodness to add to your fall repertoire.  

In this episode we dive into...

Fun Facts About Fall

  • Why do leaves change color?
  • Sex drive is highest in fall
  • There is a scientific reason people gain weight in the fall
  • You shed more often
  • Americans typically refer to this time of year as “fall,” while the British use the word “autumn.”
  • First thanksgiving
  • Butterflies


Fun Activities To Bring The Family Together

  • Tree bark rubbing-Put white paper around a tree and use crayons to color on the paper so it has a bark texture
  • Painting with acorns: You use a shoe box and tape white paper to the bottom. Then you throw in acorns that have been dipped in paint and shake shake shake the box so the acorns roll around and paint on the paper
  • Leaf painting-Collect a bunch of leaves. Put leaves on paper and use a sponge to dip in paint and then dap on the leaf so the paint is around the leaf when you lift it up. 
  • After carving pumpkins if your child does not like the feeling of the pumpkin innards on their hands you can put in a gallon plastic bag and they can then play with it like that. Also mess free if you’re worried about that 
  • You can make edible pumpkin spice play-doh. Not kidding I almost want to eat it, because it’s pumpkin.
  • Homemade Pine Cone Bird Feeders - My kids are obsessed with birds and pine cones. So, this one is so easy. You take a pine cone and tie some twine around the top of the pine cone. Then, you can let your kids spread some peanut butter ( a little goes a long way) around the pine cone and then roll it in bird food. You can then hang it anywhere where your kids could see it. 

Fun Kids Books

Room On The Broom

Duck and Goose Find a Pumpkin by Tad Hills

The Hallow-Weiner


Fun Decor

Fun Food

Fun Clothes


Candy corn has always been my favorite vegetable 

Autumn shows how beautiful change can be

Life starts all over again when it get’s crisp in the fall. F. Scott Fitzgerald

My summer bikini weather wasn’t ready but my autumn sweater body is on point!