How To Land Your Next Job With Your Mom Resume

I've interviewed over a thousand people in my Human Resources/Recruiting career. A lot of those people have been Mamas like you. Some Moms were taking the next step in their already stellar careers. Some Moms have had the luxury of staying home with their children for the past few years and were now trying to re-enter the workforce. I've interviewed Moms with no education, a lot of education, no resume and some had a lot of depth in their resume. There was one common denominator when it comes to almost every Mom I've met. They were selfless and put everyone else first. Talking about themselves didn't always come easy. Now, if their kids were brought up, they could have talked for days. So, what gives? Moms are the most qualified employees out there. For real. Here is what your Mom resume reads under the qualification summary of your resume...

  • Can put dinner on the table with a baby in their arm in 20 minutes flat
  • Can get 3 people up, ready and out of the house in 45 minutes each morning
  • Can stay calm when 2 tiny children are throwing enormous tantrums
  • Can kill it during the work day and still have the stamina to come home and take control over her household
  • Can cry at the end of the day because she is so passionate about her family
  • Can simultaneously feed kids, change a diaper, help with homework, and pee with no hesitation

So How does this translate into a real resume?

  • Independent and influential leader
  • Strong time management skills
  • Efficient with deadlines
  • Strong sense of urgency 
  • Compassionate team player
  • Highly organized and task oriented

Although in an interview you may not be able to talk exclusively about your Mom skills, you can bring up the bullet points mentioned above. Think about how these skills you've obtained at home correlate to the work day. Be prepared to give an example of each bullet point in an interview and explain how that can be beneficial in the job you are seeking. Most of the people I've interviewed aren't prepared with this information. So, if you are, then your odds of impressing the interviewer are great.

So next time you are looking for a job, squash the limiting beliefs and gremlin that says you aren't capable of the job you want. You've got better skills than the President, my love. So, believe it.


With Love,