A Minimalist's Guide to What a New Baby Really Needs

GUEST POST BY: Mandy Forlenza Sticos from SimpleBabyBlog.com


Buying 'must haves' for a newborn can be overwhelming.  There is a fine line between what a baby will really need and buying items that will just create another pile of "stuff".  For those interested in keeping it simple, we've compiled a list of what a new baby really needs... minimalist style.  



Ergo Baby Swaddle  This swaddle is super soft and with a large pocket for legs, it grows with the baby.  The arm pockets are a must for babies that are known to Houdini out of regular swaddles!

Giggle Organic Mitts  In the early weeks, it is a struggle to keep mittens on those tiny hands. Even the infamous elastic mittens seem to stretch and slide off. These Giggle mitts with a soft band will stay on and keep baby scratch free!

Under The Nile Blankets  These blankets are the perfect size for covering little legs in the car seat, stroller and for throwing in the diaper bag 'just in case' without taking up a ton of room. The extremely soft organic Egyptian cotton is a good blanket for tummy time as well!




Green Sprouts Brush and Comb Set  We love this set because the brush is super soft and perfect for a newborn.  Made from durable wood, the set is small enough to let little hands use on their own as your little one grows.

Natursutten Pacifier  Made out of 100% natural rubber, these pacifiers are soft and pliable.  We find these a great alternative to any hard plastic pacifier; after all it will spend hours at a time in the baby's mouth!

Keekaroo Peanut Changing Pad   This ergonomic shaped changing pad is comfortable, stylish and most importantly; easy to keep clean!  Gone are the days of washing changing pad covers endlessly, simply wipe clean.  We think it's a must have!


Wimmer Ferguson Sights and Sounds The perfect toy for your little one to gaze upon while in the car seat or stroller.  A velcro closure easily keeps it in place and is evenuseful for keeping them busy by attaching to the crib, bassinet or activity gym.  Bonus points for the teether which brings this toy way into the 6 month range of use!

Wee Gallery Art Baby Cards  Newborns love black and white.  These simple and cards are a wonderful way to introduce imagery to your newborn.  Simply leave one card on the side of the bassinet during awake time and watch then stare with delight.  They easily grow with baby and can be used as a teaching tool later on.

Kids Preferred Soft Book  This book will last for your little one's entire first year.  With a small baby safe mirror, and stimulating soft paged graphics it's a great stimulating tool for the first few months.  Later, the crinkle pages and squeaky noises will keep them smiling!



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