Rate and Review Catch This Mama! Win a T-Shirt!

Friends! We are setting a BIG goal to get 100 reviews by weeks end! Ah! We are at 24 as of this morning. By rating and reviewing our episodes on iTunes, we will have a better shot at getting on the New and Noteworthy list. What does that mean? If we were to get featured on their New and Noteworthy list, the amount of downloads would go through the roof because it wouldn't just be friends listening in. It would be people all around the world! Catch This Mama is filling a need! It is empowering Moms to own their mom life. So, please help the cause and rate and reviews us on iTunes! A tutorial on how to do so is below! If you review by Sunday, March 12th, you'll be entered to win a #ownyourmomlife t-shirt(images below)! The awesome, super soft tees won't be for sale for another couple weeks! 

If you review us, just get ahold of me somehow, and let me know! You can email yourbestfriends@catchthismama.com, let us know on FB or Instagram and I'll enter your email!


How to rate and review the Catch This Mama podcast

(plus you can see what podcast I was listening to at the time of taking these pics. ha! )

On Your Phone:

1. Go to the Podcasts App

2. Search for Catch This Mama

3. Tap on the Catch This Mama podcast

4. Tap on the button in the middle called “Reviews"

5. Tap on “Write a Review”


On Your Computer

1. Open iTunes

2. Search Catch This Mama

3. Click on Catch This Mama icon with our mugs on it

4. Click on "Ratings and Reviews"

5. Click on "Write a Review"


and BOOM! That is how you rate and review it! 


To listen on iTunes:


To listen on our site: 





With Love and Gratitude,