How To Raise A Child Who Loves To Read

Hi there! Who doesn't want to raise a good reader? Stick around and read on for some great tips and a giveaway at the bottom!


As a Mama, we want what is best for our kids. Common struggles I hear from parents include...

 I want my kid to use electronics less. I want my kid to be able to independently play. I want my kid to sit quietly while I cook dinner without having to have the TV on. I want my kid to know their letters, understand words and ultimately be a good reader. Here are 5 tips you can easily implement into your own life to help foster a child who yearns to reach for books as they grow!

1. Be a reader - Parents, we are the role-models to our kids. Have books by your bedside. Read in your downtime or while they are playing. Simply showing your child that you enjoy reading will create the curiosity to become a reader themselves. They emulate you and will ultimately want to reach for what you reach for. They say the average person only reads one book a year. Let's not make that one book... Facebook. 

2. Make grabbing books easier than grabbing toys and electronics - In our house we have a closet full of books. We also have bookshelves that are at their eye level. They are in plain sight and visually the first thing our kids see when they go to their rooms. Their iPad on the other hand, is conveniently located on top of the fridge and completely out of sight. They rarely think to ask for it because it is not in plain view. 

3. Make reading the fun and independent choice - The worst thing you can do is force your kid to read. We typically ask, what books do you want to read and how many do you want to read tonight? We typically end up negotiating down... because let's face it, kids don't ever want to go to sleep. They'll aim for endless stories if it means they can stay up! They get to choose whatever books they want. Call our family weird but we tend to make crazy voices to accompany the story and provide extra entertainment for ourselves. We sing and do puzzles with letters and words to get the ball rolling too. Melissa and Doug has some seriously cool puzzles for that! 

4, Read often - Consistency is key. Just like exercising and eating right, reading should be part of the daily routine. Whether you squeeze 5 minutes or 25 minutes in a day, anything is better than nothing! When it becomes habit, you are bound to create a solid reader!

5. Take frequent trips to the library - Winter trips to the library are great and can help get the antsy kiddos to burn off some energy! Oh, and not to mention, it is free! 

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