Graduation Invites Made Easy with Basic Invites! + 5 Things We Want Our Kids To Know

To all you Mamas out there who have babies that are currently graduating we have partnered with Basic Invites to showcase some of their awesome photo card graduation party invitations!  These are a huge leap up from the Walgreens ones that we handed out back in circa 2006.  They have so options from custom samples to multiple colors of envelopes and address capturing services!  The address capturing service is mind blowing, it allows customers to simply share a link on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other form of social media to request their friends and family’s addresses which will be stored in the customer’s account and can then be selected during the design process. Basic Invite offers recipient address printing at no cost on all card orders!  


We don’t know about you but now that we are Moms, we find that when May rolls around, all we can think about is graduation. It’s a bit terrifying to imagine these sweet little girls graduating and leaving the nest! We have quite a few years before this happens but with how fast life has been since having kids, we know it’s going to come too quickly! We can’t help but think about what we would say to 18 year old Danie and Emily to help prepare them for what lies ahead.  Since we can’t travel in time (the DeLorean wasn’t available) we decided to come up with a few things that we want to make sure that our daughters know when they come to this very exciting time in their lives:


  1. This is not the best time in your life. People always say that it is but we promise you you have so much more ahead of you. Is it fun, YES. But watching your baby smile for the first time is so much better than that epic jersey party. 

  2. It’s ok to not have a major. This is about finding out who you are, you do not need to have life planned out. Take classes in all the things and decide what you truly love and run with it!  

  3. “Someone else’s opinion about you is none of your business.” This Rachel Hollis quote is one of our favorites. Someone is always going to have something to say so you might as well do what you want to do! 

  4. Make sure and call your Mom. This one we may have selfishly put in here (I mean remember who is paying that tuition), in all seriousness we know that talking to your Mom can be some of the best therapy.  As Moms, we LOVE you unconditionally and want nothing but the best for you. Talking with your Mom is an instant pick me up and can be a great sound board for whatever you may have going on in your life! Even though you may not believe it, we were young once too you know! 

  5. Wake up every day and choose to be happy. So you didn’t do as well as you wanted on an exam or your fake ID got taken at the bar (that one was a joke you kids better not have any fake IDs), decide to get up with a smile. “If you focus on the good, the good gets better.” That is an important thing to remember throughout life, not just when graduating. 

“Graduation is not the end; it’s the beginning.”-Senator Orrin Hatch. We encourage all the Mamas out there who have children graduating to sit down and write five things that they would want to tell their younger selves and give this advice to your children. If they don’t appreciate it now, they will when they are Mothers.  We know how busy you are but it’s wonderful to have sentimental things for our children to have.  Another sentimental item would be having their graduation invitations to look back at.  Basic invites allows you to customize your own graduation invitations and create graduation invitations online.  We know how busy you are so Basic Invites makes it easy for you while still creating beautiful invitations! 


Make sure to follow Basic Invites on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter to see all of their beautiful invitations. Here is an example of the beautiful Baptism invitation in case you are on the opposite ends of things and welcoming a baby into the world instead of sending them off into the world. 


Basic Invites currently has a special running for 15% off your order if you use coupon code: 15FF51. Check out all their beautiful invitations today!  We leave you with a serious throwback of young Danie and Emily (fake tans and all).  Back to a time when they thought they had it all figured out!


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