Welcome to the Catch This Mama Podcast

We are here to help make your life easier, by giving solutions to the challenges you face as a mom on a daily basis. Catch This Mama will empower you to own your mom life.

 Do you feel like you are in survival mode? You aren’t alone. We need each other and we need inspiration and solutions to empower us to be who we were intended to be. That’s why we’ve created a weekly podcast to showcase other Mom’s who have went head to head with adversity and overcome obstacles to design their life,

You’ve got something BIG to understand, work through, and ultimately BE. We are here to help you get there! By  listening to other Mom’s who have faced adversity on our podcast, you’ll be able to overcome, learn, grow and ultimately have people stop and stare as you run laps around your naysayers in the day to day grind. 

Trust me! You’ll be all like, go ahead and try to Catch This Mama!

Stay a while and don’t leave until you’ve shown us what we need to know about you. Fill out the podcast submission below and let us know what your challenges are! We will do our best to address them on the podcast! 


Meet the Host and gal behind the business and movement


 is a wife to a hunk-of-a-man, Chuck and is blessed with 3 little girls Reese, Everly and Charlie. She recently quit her job to be home with her girls and passionately pursue Catch This Mama. In her free time she is typically googling to see if the mischief her kids are getting into is normal. She also enjoys a good book, like once a year, if time permits. Danie is the crunchy Mama who is dreaming of living on a farm with chickens and a massive garden. She lives in a large-ish city in Iowa with her family. For more information on her story, check out the "start here" page. You can also follow her Instagram account @catchthismama.

Meet the Cohost  and "Cool Mom"


is a wife to a true saint, Tom, and Mama to 2 awesome little girls Claire and Lily. She is fortunate to work part-time as a nurse and full time as a Mom!  No sleep is the new normal as she hasn't slept for more than 3 hours in the last 3 years! In her free time she enjoys hanging out with her family, napping and trying her best to be the trendy, cool mom. She lives in a small-ish midwest town in Illinois with her family. You can check out her beautiful family and follow along with her life on Instagram @fergmama.

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